Excellent Watermelon Flavor Pairings For Summer

baywater farms watermelon flavor pairings

Savor these watermelon flavor pairings this summer!

Sweet and refreshing, watermelon is a common summer favorite. Fresh watermelon is most popular, but it also makes a delicious smoothie or frozen treat! It’s also about 90 percent water and is packed with nutrients and electrolytes. This makes it wonderfully hydrating – perfect for hot days. And for the best watermelon on the market, try the sweet and healthy premium watermelon from Baywater Farms! 

Get your daily dose of this vibrant fruit when you try some delicious watermelon flavor pairings. 


Perhaps one of the most surprising watermelon flavor pairings is cheese! It creates a classic sweet/savory mix with complementary flavors and textures. You can experiment with your favorite cheeses, but parmesan is a great place to start. 

Honey or Lemon

Honey and lemon make for a delicious sweet-on-sweet treat. Dunk, drizzle, or dip your fresh watermelon slices to add as much of the sweet nectar as you want. 

Salty or Spicy

Sweet and salty is another one of those classic watermelon flavor pairings. Keep it simple and sprinkle some salt and enjoy right away. Or, add a little extra sweet with honey or agave on top. To spice it up instead, go with chili powder. Add some lime and microgreens, and you’re in for the most mouth-watering adventure. 


If you’re into the sweet and spicy mix, you might try cooking up fresh watermelon with your choice of spice. Local produce like microgreens are a perfect complement here. That said, remember the greens themselves remain much more nutrient-dense when left uncooked! 

Cooking watermelon changes its texture from grainy and light to a little more solid and chewy. It’s like tuna in texture, gaining a savory, smoky flavor. It’s a fun way to experiment with watermelon and try something new. It’s also a healthy meat alternative option for those who can’t or don’t eat meat! 


Fresh watermelon and cucumber is an example of one of the perfect light, sweet, refreshing watermelon flavor pairings. Top your watermelon with some thinly sliced cucumber, or chop them both up into an ultra-hydrating mini-salad. 


A sliver of bright pink salmon looks beautiful atop your fresh and juicy watermelon. It also packs a nutritious punch with a mix of vitamins and protein. 


Sweet and healthy coconut is the best way to add a burst of flavor and nutrition to any watermelon treat. Add a few coconut shavings to your spicy watermelon, your salty watermelon, or a fresh watermelon on its own! 

After enjoying these watermelon flavor pairings, you won’t want to be without fresh watermelon each summer. 

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