Emphasizing the Importance of Organic Produce to Your Consumers

Emphasizing the Importance of Organic Produce to Your Consumers
Here is what you should tell your customers to truly emphasize the importance of purchasing organic produce.

Many people have become conditioned over the years to look for organic produce wherever they can find it, whether it be in grocery stores or at local farmer’s markets. But what reasons do consumers have to seek out organic options? What makes organics better than their non-organic counterparts? Here is what you should tell your customers to truly emphasize the importance of purchasing organic produce.

Nutritional Value of Organic Produce

Many studies have been conducted on organically grown produce, and the results tell us that organic produce is typically richer in nutritional value than non-organic options. Organics are thought to reduce the chances of having heart disease or strokes, and they are said to help lower blood pressure.

In a world in which healthy eating is emphasized more than ever, your consumers will be looking for the healthiest options available. If your customers ask you what healthy options you have, try telling them about your organically grown produce.

Nutritional Value for Local Produce

Local produce and organically grown produce often have a lot of overlap, but there are health benefits that are more related to where your produce is grown. Vegetables are often ripened using chemicals if they have to travel vast distances. This is done because the produce has to be harvested long before it’s ripe so that it has time to reach the consumers.

With local produce, however, the time it takes to reach consumers is minimal. This means the vegetables can be harvested at a time closer to peak ripeness. Unlike artificial ripening using chemicals, natural ripening allows vegetables to reach their true nutrition value. Locally-grown produce can often be organic as well since many local farms value growing organic produce.

Economic Value of Local and Organic Produce

As we mentioned earlier, local produce and organic produce often have a lot of overlap. This means that buying organically grown produce means you support local farms instead of big industries. Larger corporations often value mass production over quality, so consumers will appreciate having the chance to promote the small farms that care. When people shop locally, they support their local economies, so let your consumers know that they are not helping only themselves, but they are also helping everyone living around them.

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