Why Eat Locally Grown Produce?

Locally Grown Produce

Locally grown produce is healthy and tastes great too!

You may have heard a lot about locally grown produce in recent years. Lately, it’s been getting more and more popular, and with the increasing availability of farmers markets, now it’s easier than ever to eat locally grown produce. Here are a few reasons that you should eat locally grown produce.

They’re Flavorful

When you get produce that has been grown locally, you can be assured that you’re getting some of the most flavorful produce you’ve eaten! This produce is picked as soon as it’s ripe and then it gets to you very soon after that. Locally grown produce is different from other produce because it doesn’t have to be treated with preservatives and shipped across the country to supermarkets. While preservatives keep produce fresh, they also take away some of the produce’s natural flavors.

They’re Packed With Nutrients

In the same way, locally grown produce retains more of its nutrients than other produce. When produce is grown locally, it doesn’t have to be treated with preservatives and it is consumed shortly after being picked. The longer a piece of produce goes before being eaten, the less nutritional value it has. When you’re eating locally grown produce, you can rest assured that it has a ton of nutrients in it.

You Can Support The Local Economy

When you buy organically grown produce, you are making an effort to support your local economy. Normally, when you buy food from a supermarket the money that you’re spending on produce doesn’t go directly to the farmer who grew it. Buying locally grown produce at a farmer’s market or by joining a CSA will encourage farmers to grow their crops by giving them economic support.

You’ll Know Exactly Where Your Food Comes From

With all the preservatives and hormones that can be found in food, it seems like now more than ever, people are concerned about exactly where their food comes from. When you buy locally grown produce, you can ask the farmer questions about how it was grown and harvested.


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