Earth Week Tips: How to Help Save the Earth While Eating Local Produce

local produce

When enjoying organically-grown local produce, keep these few things in mind to reduce your food waste and save our beloved Earth.

In 2018, we are all striving to become more conscious of our environment. The hope is that our consciousness will turn into conscientiousness. We need to not only be aware of the harm being done to our planet, but we also need to be willing to find ways to reduce said harm. With the rise of global warming, the impact human life has on our planet is more evident than ever before. It is imperative that we take matters into our own hands and try to turn things around for future generations. Sustainable farming is committed to the protection of the earth by ensuring that future generations of farmers will have the same abundance of resources that we have today. Consumers can help the environment by finding ways to reduce their personal food waste. When enjoying organically-grown local produce, keep these few things in mind to reduce your food waste and save our beloved Earth.

Decrease Portion Sizes

One of the reasons Americans have been wasting so much food in recent years is because portion sizes have seen a tremendous increase. We simply are receiving more food than we possibly can consume. When ordering food from any restaurant, think realistically about the amount of food you can comfortably enjoy, and order accordingly. Cooking at home with fresh, organic heirloom vegetables is a great way to cut down portion sizes as well.

The Grocery Store

The grocery store is where we make a lot of mistakes with our food planning. When buying produce for specific recipes, think about multiple recipes you can use that produce for so that you don’t get tired of it and let it rot in the refrigerator. Bibb lettuce is a great leafy green to purchase because it stays fresh for a long time and can be used well into the following week.

Planning Ahead

Be realistic about your cooking aspirations. Make sure you’re not going overboard with what you’ve put in your cart, especially when it comes to locally-grown produce. You can do this by going to the store more often and buying less. Always make a list before you hit the store, and stick to that list. After grabbing all of your items, think about when you could potentially be using each item in the future. If you don’t see yourself using that item again anytime soon, put it back.


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