Downsides to GMO Produce

Downsides to GMO Produce
These are the concerns that come with GMO produce.

People have debated over whether GMO produce is better than non-GMO produce for many years. Some believe there are negative consequences that come from consuming them, while others think they are the future for the foods we eat. GMO produce isn’t without its benefits. Being able to genetically modify food to be easier to preserve/sell has its purposes. But there are some downsides that come with eating and offering produce that’s been genetically modified. These are the concerns that come with GMO produce.

Harming the Lives of Humans, Animals, and the Environment

For any consumer who cares about where their food is grown, they’ll be saddened to hear that GMO vegetables could harm the soil in which they’re grown over time. If that isn’t, there are studies conducted suggesting that genetically modified foods could be bad for the health of humans, animals, and the planet. It isn’t the best image for any business when their foods pose these potential risks.

You Don’t Cater to Vegetarians, Vegans, and Specific Religious Groups

GMO produce doesn’t always sit right with certain communities of people, mainly vegetarians and vegans. This is because of the DNA that GMO produce is given. The DNA comes from animals, which will deter vegans and vegetarians from eating your produce. There are also some religions that are against eating certain animals. Businesses will want to respect their consumers, and giving them produce that goes against their morals can send them away from you.

GMO Produce May Cause Allergic Reactions

This is a considerable safety concern. Since GMO produce is given DNA from another source, some people may have allergic reactions to whatever DNA was added, depending on where the DNA originated. Safety should be a top priority for any company, and it can be risky, offering produce that’s been genetically altered.

Some Believe GMO Produce Could be Linked to Cancer

While many scientists don’t believe in this claim, there are some who think that GMO vegetables and cancer have a connection. This is thought to be related to the new genes the body takes in because cancer comes from genetic mutation. However, there isn’t any concrete evidence supporting this claim yet because it’s still a new idea.

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