Debunking Myths Revolving Around Washing Produce

Debunking Myths Revolving Around Washing Produce

Before you wash all of your produce, we want to debunk certain myths revolving around washing it.

Washing vegetables is considered to be quite important before people consume them. When we say “washing,” we mean rinsing your veggies with clear water and rubbing them off gently so that they’re ready for consumption. But before you wash all of your produce, we want to debunk certain myths revolving around washing it.

“It’s Best to Get a Commercial Produce Wash.”

Getting a commercial produce wash is actually no more effective than using water, and in some instances, water is actually the better option. On top of that, these washes are more expensive, so it’s better to stick to regular water for getting your produce cleaned.

“If Produce Will Be Peeled, Washing It Isn’t Necessary.”

Even if peeling will take place, washing fruits and vegetables is still important. When peeling, it isn’t too tough to have bacteria get transferred to whatever fruit or vegetable you’re peeling.

“For Spinach and Lettuce, It’s Safer to Wash Pre-washed Bags of It.”

It certainly doesn’t hurt to be safe and run a little more water over spinach and lettuce if you want. With that said, don’t feel like it’s mandatory. Whenever spinach and lettuce are prewashed, that means they received a commercial washing before they were packaged. In short, washing pre-washed lettuce or spinach is completely optional.

“Organics Have No Need to Be Washed.”

Organic produce will still need to be washed. Even though they don’t have all of the pesticides that non-organic fruits and vegetables have, organics are still able to have microorganisms attach to them. It’s much safer to wash them just like all other types of vegetables you have.

“Washing Doesn’t Get Rid of Pesticides, So There’s No Point.”

Some people believe that washing your fruits and vegetables is ineffective when trying to remove pesticides. Contrary to that belief, however, washing is an effective method. There was research that got carried out at the University of Connecticut, and the research concluded that nine out of twelve different pesticides were significantly lowered when vegetables and fruits were rinsed using tap water. While this isn’t a surefire way to get rid of every pesticide that fruits and vegetables can have, washing your veggies and fruits is still a worthwhile thing to do as it deals with many of the pesticides that could be clinging to your food.

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