Comparing Different Tomatoes

Comparing Different Tomatoes

Today, we want to give a little respect to the unsung heroes that are tomatoes.

If you’ve ever felt like you’re overwhelmed by the number of tomato options at your local produce supplier, you’re not alone. We get it—there are so many different kinds of tomatoes out there and they are all sued in very different ways. Worse yet is getting a tomato that’s out of season or is poor quality because it’s a generic hybrid tomato from a grocery store. Unfortunately, they can get treated quite poorly: they’re often picked while still green, before they’re ready to be eaten, and are then sprayed with ethylene gas to make them red and soft, all without the proper flavors that you’d expect. Today, we want to give a little respect to the unsung heroes that are tomatoes. 

Heirloom Tomatoes

If you want the best quality, you should seek out heirloom tomatoes. These open-pollinated varieties are pollinated naturally and are a true breed of tomatoes, unlike hybrids that you’ll see at large grocery chains. Heirlooms haven’t been cross-bred in decades, but there’s still so much variety in colors, sizes, and shapes. If you’re lucky enough to find high-quality heirloom tomatoes while they’re in season at a farmers market, pick them up. They’re great for anything else you’d use tomatoes for but can also be enjoyed sliced, salted, and eaten by themselves. Trust us, you won’t regret it.

Beefsteak Tomato

These can weigh over a pound each! They also have smaller seed cavities, so you get more flesh per tomato. With over 350 varieties being out there, you’re still likely to mostly see the large red beefsteak tomatoes out in the world. They’re perfect for mincing into a salsa or throwing on a fresh BLT sandwich.

Plum Tomato

Compared to beefsteak tomatoes, plum or Roma tomatoes are typically smaller and oval-shaped. Their chewy flesh makes them an ideal candidate for blended sauces, which is why you see them used in Italian-style tomato sauces so often. San Marzano tomatoes are particularly renowned for their use in these kinds of applications.

Cherry Tomato

These have thin skins and are plenty juicy. They are perfect for being grilled or tossed into another dish and giving that pop of flavor to just about any dish, from Thai dishes to just about any kind of salad.

Grape Tomatoes

If you’re looking for smaller but deliciously sweet, almost candy-like options, grape tomatoes could be your match. They stand up well to roasting and can be a quick and easy side to any protein-based main course. They’re also great for snacking on raw!


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