Why Carrots Are Great For Your Skin

Why Carrots Are Great For Your Skin

Find out how carrots can be used to give you amazing skin.

There are so many skincare products you can get these days, made from a wide range of ingredients. Now, what if we said that carrots were one of the ways you can get the perfect skin you’ve always wanted? Find out how carrots can be used to give you amazing skin.

Carrot Skin

Some may be familiar with other benefits carrots offer, specifically their health benefits. They have a low-calorie count but are also chock full of vitamins and antioxidants. These veggies are most well known for having a high amount of vitamin A, which is a strong factor for helping to keep your eyes healthy.

But carrots do more than promote eye health. They’re also useful for keeping a healthy skin complexion. This is because the same vitamin A that promotes good eye health is also useful for repairing skin tissue. It also helps protect against the harmful rays of the sun. They also offer beta-carotene, which contains additional nutritious minerals and antioxidants. Carrots, while good for eye health, also help promote a healthy digestive system and strong teeth.

Benefits For Skin

Eating more carrots means your skin will have a healthier look to it. The main reason for this is due to the amount of vitamin C and antioxidants they have. If you want faster results, you can even make a face mask out of carrots. All you need to do is mix grated carrot with some honey and apply it to your skin.

For people who want to rid themselves of acne, scars, or blemishes, you’ll want to drink carrot juice. Alternatively, you can put carrot pulp onto your face to help those blemishes and scars fade away. The inflammatory properties it that are offered help tone and revitalize your skin.


Vitamin C also helps produce collagen in your body. Collagen is a protein that helps with the maintenance of your skin’s elasticity. Vitamin A, because it’s an antioxidant, attacks free radicals which help to prevent wrinkles, pigmentation, and uneven skin tones, which are common signs of aging.

The beta-carotene that’s found in carrots helps protect and condition the skin. Your skin will become increasingly resistant to all sorts of sun damage. Just by drinking carrot juice, you can give a boost to your sunscreen. Keep in mind that it is not a substitute for sunscreen, though.

Carrot skin is a great way to retain the moisture of your skin. Because of the high potassium levels carrots offer, your skin won’t dry out. As with some of the aforementioned scenarios, drinking carrot juice is the ideal method for treating dry skin.

Don’t eat too many carrots at once, though. If you do, your skin can turn into a yellow-orange kind of color temporarily. This will only happen if you eat an incredibly large number of carrots.

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