Boost Your Breakfast Smoothies with Maryland-Grown Organic Kale

organic kale

Using local, organic kale in your breakfast smoothies is the best way to maximize your nutrients in one healthy, on-the-go meal.

Smoothies make great breakfasts no matter what time of year it is, but they are especially refreshing now that the weather is warming up. With so many flavors, it is easy to create a smoothie that you will love. The vast possibilities that smoothies provide also mean that you can constantly mix it up and never tire of an easy, energy-boosting breakfast. Using local, organic kale in your breakfast smoothies is the best way to maximize your nutrients in one healthy, on-the-go meal.

Green Machines

It’s 2018, and kale still reigns supreme. When looking to pack as many vitamins and nutrients as you can into your smoothies, kale is your savior. If you’re someone who enjoys the rich, natural flavor of fresh kale, consider making a kale-based breakfast smoothie with bananas, pineapple chunks, peanut butter, and almond milk. Tropical fruits like mangoes are also a great addition to kale smoothies, as the sweetness of the fruit creates the perfect balance with the earthy kale flavor.

Sweet Stuff

If you’re not into the taste of kale, but still want all of the nutrients that it provides, the flavor of kale can be easily masked in sweet smoothie recipes. If you’re a chocolate lover, a kale-based, chocolate smoothie is the perfect breakfast. All you need is fresh, locally-grown kale, cocoa powder, Medjool dates, and almond milk. Adding other fresh ingredients like avocado for thickening and cinnamon for another layer of flavor are optional. Not a chocolate-lover? No problem. A blackberry kale smoothie is another sweet, fruity option that will cover the taste of kale with delicious, in-season blackberries in the summer.

Immune System Boosters

If your allergies are acting up or you feel a cold coming on, a green kale smoothie is the perfect natural remedy. Boost your immune system with a fruity green smoothie. All you need is your favorite local brand of kale, fresh ginger, fresh-squeezed lemon juice, almond milk, and a mix of kiwis, pineapples, and mangoes. Another great option is an avocado and mint kale-based smoothie, made with fresh, local mint leaves.


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