Benefits that Non-GMO Produce Offers Your Customers

Benefits that Non-GMO Produce Offers Your Customers
If your customers aren’t already purchasing and consuming non-GMO produce, here are some reasons you should start offering it to them.

Many foods have been artificially modified with the idea of making them easier to grow or sell. We call these genetically modified foods, and they are quite commonly seen by customers. Non-GMO produce isn’t quite as common as their modified counterparts, but you have every reason to offer it to your consumers. If your customers aren’t already purchasing and consuming non-GMO produce, here are some reasons you should start offering it to them.

It’s Sensitive to Customers With Allergies

Allergies are a constant bother to people, especially at this time of year. This is especially true for the people who consume GMOs. GMOs have been said to cause allergic reactions. This is because they don’t exist naturally; they are artificially created. When foods are artificially-made, they go through unnatural genetic alterations that cause them to make allergens that make them undesirable to customers. Non-GMO produce doesn’t come with this problem. Produce without GMOs in them is naturally-occurring, meaning it won’t cause these same allergic reactions.

People Get More Nutrients From Non-GMO Produce

The concept of using GMOs isn’t bad on paper. The idea was to have bigger and stronger vegetables that were more resilient against various pests, fungus, and weather. From a growing perspective, this makes a lot of sense. However, the drawback is quite significant. Produce that’s been genetically modified is likely not going to be as nutritious. If customers eat non-GMO produce, instead, they will get more nutrients from the vegetables they consume.

Non-GMO Produce is Better for the Planet

While this doesn’t directly relate to the produce itself, this can still be a selling point for customers who are more concerned about helping the environment. Foods that have been genetically modified do more damage to the planet. This is because of all of the herbicides and pesticides that are used to help them grow. They can do damage to water and even harm the soil in which the produce is grown. This isn’t how you want your customers to view your business. Instead, you should sell non-GMO produce. Foods that aren’t genetically modified are a more environmentally-sensitive option. They use fewer pesticides and herbicides, so the damage to the environment is minimized. Customers who are sensitive about the needs of the planet will appreciate that you offer produce that supports a healthy environment.

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