Benefits of Sustainable Agriculture

Benefits of Sustainable Agriculture

Did you know that opting for sustainable agriculture comes with a ton of benefits further than just high quality produce?

Did you know that opting for sustainable agriculture comes with a ton of benefits further than just high quality produce? Opting for sustainable and organic produce comes with a ton of immediate benefits including fresher, tastier fruit and vegetables, but the benefits extend far further than just that. When you buy from local farms working toward sustainability, you are putting money into important causes.  


It’s no secret that conventional, mass market farming is creating incredible amounts of pollution and waste. From excessive use of harmful pesticides to improper disposal of toxic waste from animals, conventional farming is a detriment to the environment. By switching to sustainably farmed agriculture, you’re not only eliminating your contribution to the problem but helping to fund a better, cleaner future!

Public Health

The effects of pesticides and chemical and fecal run-off from farms hurts more than just the environment – it hurts those working on the farms and those living in nearby communities. When you’re using safe, sustainable methods, there is less overall contaminates being added to the environment, including the local water supply. This leads to a happier, healthier community.

Improve the Local Economy

When you buy from local farmers, you’re putting money back into your community rather than into a corporation. Years ago, farming was the backbone of the American economy, but as time has passed, the increase of corporate farming has caused small growers to suffer. By supporting your local farmers with money, you’re helping ensure your entire area is improved with cleaner, better farms. All the while, you’ll get to enjoy the benefits of delicious, locally grown, and perfectly ripe produce.

Feeding The World

One of the biggest arguments against sustainable agriculture is that it doesn’t yield enough to support the world’s population. This argument is simply untrue. The world currently produces enough food to overfeed the entire world population expected in 2050; it’s simply a matter of power. That said, sustainable agriculture performs the same, or better than conventional farming, particularly in areas with climate issues such as drought.


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