3 Benefits Of Organic Farming

Organic Farming

Learn about the many benefits of organic farming!

Organic farming is being more and more popular in recent years due to its accessibility and health benefits. For many people, sustainably grown produce is readily accessible at local stores and farmers markets. Even though organically grown food is all around us, there’s still some who don’t know why it’s so good for you. Here are four benefits of organic farming.

Less Exposure To Pesticides

When produce is farmed commercially, the crop yield is the top priority. Because there is a limited amount of land to work with, many commercial farmers need to ensure that as much of it produces their crop as possible. To make sure this happens, many employ the usage of pesticides. These can not only cause us health problems, but affect the soil as well. Because organic farming does not rely heavily on pesticides, it’s better for environment.


Cuts Down On Energy Use & Nitrogen Runoff

Not relying on artificial fertilizers in the same way that commercial farming does means that organic farming helps conserve energy. Manufacturing these fertilizers takes a tremendous amount of energy, which can put a strain on the environment. Energy usage can be reduced by as much as half by switching to organic farming. Because it doesn’t use this fertilizer, the harmful effects of nitrogen runoff are reduced as well.


Promotes Healthy Soil

Organic farming aims to make the farming process as close to its natural properties as possible. This means that it doesn’t do anything that cause dramatic change to the environment. The organic farming process includes keeping the levels of nitrogen and oxygen in balance, so the soil can stay healthy.


One way it does this is by preserving the soil’s good bacteria. After this happens, the process of nitrogen fixation can take place as normal, which is essential for good soil. Soil that has been treated with chemicals have dramatically less good bacteria than organically-treated soil.




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