A Breakdown of Bibb Lettuce

A Breakdown of Bibb Lettuce

If you’ve ever enjoyed a salad with soft, buttery greens, you might have had a mouth-watering taste of Bibb lettuce. Learn more here!

If you’ve ever enjoyed a salad with soft, buttery greens, you might have been getting a mouth-watering taste of Bibb lettuce. This type of lettuce is a light, rich-tasting leaf that you can find year-round that pairs well with gluten-free tacos and wraps. You can also include these greens in a delicious, effortless side salad. Here is a breakdown of what you should know about Bibb lettuce. 

What is Bibb Lettuce?

Sometime after 1865, John Bibb, a private in the War of 1812, developed this lettuce variety in his Frankfort, Kentucky, home. At the close of the war, Bibb returned home to resume his law practice. In this home, Bibb had a large greenhouse in the back. Originally, Bibb coined this lettuce type as “limestone lettuce.” 

However, in his honor, the lettuce eventually began “Bibb lettuce” and wasn’t even commercially available until the 20th century. Bibb lettuce is a tender, buttery green that’s so smooth it almost melts, and there are many things that you can do with this lettuce. 

What Can You Do with This Lettuce?

This lettuce variety is so delicious that you can wash it and eat it right off the head. Naturally, you’ll also want to put it in a salad. It’s so delicious that you won’t need much dressing. Bibb lettuce can be the spotlight of the dish. However, you can also pair it with bleu cheese crumbles, shaved carrots, a little bit of buttermilk dressing, and chopped pecans. 

Additionally, lettuce wraps have been popular for a while. You can shred chicken, make grilled kababs, marinate steak strips, roast mushrooms, and more. This ingredient is a healthy alternative to tortillas. 

How Do I Store This Lettuce Variety?

You don’t want to remove the root system until you eat the lettuce if you purchase a whole head of Bibb lettuce. You’ll want to store all lettuce in your refrigerator’s crisper drawer (a compartment made to prolong your produce’s freshness). You can also wrap a damp cloth around the lettuce and pluck off the leaves as needed. This method will keep your lettuce fresh for about a week. 

Where Can I But This Lettuce?

You can find Bibb lettuce in many grocery stores. You might also find it in Walmart Super Centers or Target’s grocery area. However, if you want to ensure freshness and that your field lettuces are non-GMO, we are the best place to come to if you’re a restaurant owner, produce supply company, or CSA. Contact us today to learn about the delicious non-GMO produce we offer in hydroponic or soil-grown options


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