6 Ways to Enjoy Cherry Tomatoes

Baywater Farms Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes will not be in season forever, so freezing them for longevity is a great option.

There is no denying that cherry tomatoes are finally in season and you can finally begin enjoying a wide array of dishes using them. The reality is, there are so many different uses for cherry tomatoes. Here are just a few of the amazing things you can do with delicious cherry tomatoes.

Make Your Own Tomato Juice

Cherry tomatoes are great when utilized for tomato juice. In fact, juicing cherry tomatoes can provide a deliciously flavored juice that can be used in your next bloody mary recipe. The reality is, all you need to do is wash and send them through a juicer. 

Freezing Them Whole

Another thing you can do with an excess harvest of these tomatoes is to simply freeze them for a later date. In fact, freezing them whole is the best approach to take so you can use them throughout the year. You’ll likely miss them once they are no longer in season — so having them stored in the freezer is always a great solution.

Roasting Your Tomatoes

For the most part, cherry tomatoes can be devoured fresh and raw but they taste amazing when roasted as well. In fact, roasted cherry tomatoes can prove to be a delicious side dish all on its own.

Super Easy Tomato Sauce

Cherry tomatoes are excellent in sauces too. In fact, you can use them to create a super easy and simple tomato sauce to use in your next pasta recipe. 

Make Your Own Sundried Tomatoes

A great way to utilize these is to create your own sundried tomatoes with them. In fact, there is no denying that most people typically purchase sun dried tomatoes — but you can save some money and make your own. The reality is, all you need is a dehydrator to make your own delicious sundried tomatoes to use in your next recipe.

Healthy Tomato Salad

Eating these tomatoes fresh and raw can be delicious. In fact, a great way to make use of a lot of these tomatoes includes creating your own delicious salad. 


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