5 Ways the Home Chef Can Use Microgreens

5 Ways the Home Chef Can Use Microgreens

Microgreens are one ingredient that are increasing in popularity. Read on for five recipes where a home chef could use microgreens.

One of the hardest things about being an adult that no one ever warned you about is the tiny, daily jobs you have to do: laundry, tidying, and perhaps worst of all meal planning. Planning what to cook is often one of those things that starts off exciting but quickly becomes mundane and then tedious. One way to make it better is to have exciting ingredients, such as the beautiful in-season produce at the farmers market (like squash and sweet potatoes) or regional specialties (like the fascinating fish pepper). Microgreens are one ingredient that you’ve likely seen popping up everywhere as they explode in popularity, but you might find yourself hesitant to try them out on your home menu. Read on for five recipes where a home chef could use microgreens.


It sounds like a no-brainer that salads are a key way to eat greens, but while they are often overlooked when compared to other salad staples like iceberg and baby spinach, they should definitely go into your salad fixin’s rotation. All microgreens are great raw, when they’re crisp and flavorful. Sunflower sprouts are especially delicious in salads, because of their delicate lemony flavor. It is a great way to add more depth to the flavor of your salad without having to drench it in a salad dressing. 


Similar to how you can add microgreens to a salad, you can also substitute them for the lettuce on your sandwich or wrap. These nutrient powerhouses offer the benefits of great crispy veg in a wrap, but they won’t fight back like large pieces of lettuce sometimes will. (Ever pulled a whole leaf of lettuce out of your sandwich by accident?) Try radish greens the next time you’re making a hummus wrap and experience the awesome combo of slight spice and crunch that they add.


Microgreens are also a great way to add veggies and nutrients to your smoothies. While kale is still most people’s go-to, consider adding some delicious wheatgrass to your next mango-strawberry-banana concoction. This nutrient-dense microgreen could become your new favorite.


You don’t have to limit yourself to just raw uses of microgreens. Pretty much any baking that you would use spinach for, you could also use microgreens. Consider elevating your next spanakopita or quiche with the beauty and crunch of some sunflower shoots. They will provide a more interesting flavor than spinach alone. Want to really go extreme? You could also add radish sprouts to any baked dish where you want to accent the flavor with a little kick, including fruit pies!

Sauté Microgreens

Finally, pretty much any dish where you’d be willing to toss in and sauté some spinach, you could sub in microgreens. From pasta sauces to fried rice, you can add microgreens for a burst of interesting flavor. Use radish sprouts for a slight kick on your pizza or sunflower sprouts for some lemony zest in your rice. 


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