5 Reasons To Go Non-GMO

For the most part, people are increasingly becoming more and more concerned about where their produce comes from and how it is farmed and grown. In fact, more and more people tend to look for fresh produce that is non-GMO. The reality is, providing non-GMO produce to your customers is the best approach to take for farmers looking to keep their clientele while simultaneously cultivating new patrons and customers as well. Here are some of the biggest reasons why you want to definitely consider going non-GMO when it comes to growing your fresh produce.

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Non-GMO produce is produce grown without any genetic engineering.

Having Healthy Soil Leads To Healthy Individuals

People are eager to find non-GMO produce because it is healthier. In fact, GMO-base farming tends to be associated with a wide variety of destructive practices like an increase in pesticide use which can then lead to health issues down the line. The reality is, making sure that your produce is free and clear of any harmful chemicals and pesticides is always the best approach to take to attract new customers overall.

People Are Eager To Shop Locally for Non-GMO Ingredients

Most consumers are looking for farmers markets more and more these days. In fact, consumers are increasingly supporting their local farmers and providing produce that meets their needs is the best way to go when farmers are looking for ways to increase their demand. 

Non-GMO Ingredients Encourages a Diverse Diet

These days, people are investing in more and more different types of diets. In fact, nutritionists have continued to recommend that people eat a rainbow on their plate — which includes lots of fruits and vegetables. The reality is, non-GMO produce provides people the opportunity to feel safe in their ability to eat the rainbow and incorporate deliciously healthy fruits and veggies in their diets overall.

Non-GMO Actually Protects the Organic Term

While transitioning to organic farming is a big ordeal, having non-GMO farms is a bit easier to tackle. In fact, non-GMO crops help support farmers everywhere which is why it can be incredibly beneficial overall.

Offering The Gold Standard Of Produce

If you do take the time to get your farmland to be certified organic — and you maintain non-GMO produce, you can offer your customers the gold standard in produce. In fact, growing non-GMO produce is the first step towards transitioning into an organic farm which can be a great way to make the most out of your farmland for many years to come.


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