5 Reasons You Should Join a CSA

Joining A CSA

Here are 5 good reasons to join a CSA!

Community Supported Agriculture, otherwise known as CSA, is a program that allows you to partner with local farms. It enables you to buy your produce directly from your community. There are many benefits of joining a CSA – here are five reasons you should know about.

Participating in Your Community

Joining a CSA gives you a meaningful way to participate in your community. Your share in the local farm contributes to land development and protecting the environment. It also ensures that the food on your tables is healthier for your family since it doesn’t have to travel as many miles.

Eating Seasonal Produce

One way to help the environment is to eat local foods. Your CSA box will be filled on a weekly basis with local and seasonal produce. Eating local, seasonal foods will ensure that they are healthier for your family and more delicious.

Better Quality Foods

Speaking of health, foods from your CSA program ensure that you’re eating fresh and balanced meals. It will broaden your palate and the way you think about food. You’ll start planning new meals and trying recipes that you’ve never experienced before.

More Educational Opportunities

Become a member of the generation in your family that teaches others about maintaining a healthy and balanced diet. Teach your community about the importance of participating in a CSA program and about all the health benefits that it gives your family. You’ll also learn all about the process of getting the produce to your table, allowing you to feel more responsible and informed about where your food comes from.

It’s a Great Investment

It’s true that CSAs are dependent upon crop yields and there will be times when the harvest is lower than normal. However, during those times when the harvest is bountiful, you’ll have the benefit of access to plenty crops. CSA memberships usually also provide people with the benefit of prices that are below what you would normally pay in grocery stores.


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