5 Amazing Health Benefits Of Romaine Lettuce


Are you wondering if that romaine lettuce is actually helping in your effort to get fit and healthy? Here are some health benefits of romaine lettuce so the next time you get a salad you’ll want that on it.

For some people, lettuce is just lettuce. It is the base of the salad, a bed for tomatoes, peppers, and radishes, but they couldn’t tell you the difference between an iceberg and romaine or bibb arugula. But there is more to lettuce than just that. Different lettuces have different tastes, textures, and benefits. Romain is the old-faithful workhorse of the Caesar salad. It is a very popular and highly cultivated health food that you should consider adding to your diet for its many health benefits. 

Diet and Fitness Benefits

Romain lettuce is very low in calories, but it has a good amount of volume. This means that it takes up space in your stomach without spending too much of your daily calorie budget. Romain also contains B vitamins which could help stimulate metabolism, and high fiber to help you feel fuller longer. The dietary fiber can also help improve digestion and decrease your risk of some gastrointestinal issues. Finally, romaine contains amino acids which can help promote muscle growth.


Romain is rich in vitamins A and C, which are powerful and important antioxidants in the body. They fight off free radicals, reduce oxidative stress in the body, and fight off inflammation.

Improves Heart Health

Romain also has a good amount of iron, which improves circulation and can help to prevent numerous heart issues. Iron is integral to red blood cell production, so it is an important part of the transport of oxygen and nutrients through the body. Romain can also help regulate blood pressure because of the potassium in it. Finally, romaine may help your cholesterol levels because it has Omega-3 fatty acids, which have been shown to help increase good cholesterol.

Eye Health

In addition to vitamins A and C, romaine lettuce also contains beta-carotene and other beneficial nutrients for eye health. These vitamins work together to prevent macular degeneration and slow the onset of cataracts. Protecting your vision can help prevent age-related vision loss or blindness.

Possibly Anti-Cancer

Several studies are pointing to folate, which is found in romaine lettuce among other foods, as a way to decrease the risk of several forms of cancer. Romain also contains carotenoids, which act similarly to antioxidants. Studies are showing that carotenoids may reduce the risk of certain cancers, including breast, lung, ovarian, prostate, and bladder cancers. Some pre-clinical studies have even shown that carotenoids can have anti-tumor effects and help regulate cell growth and cell cycle progression.



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